Friday, 4 July 2014

Grey Ladies Loft Apartment by squarepeg56

Built in Bridgeport, a cool new loft for your simmies to enjoy!!   Based on the loft from the classic movie Ghost.  This is a really great place for your simmies to live in any world you choose!!  A 40 x 40 lot-so not too big but lot of space to roam!! Guarded by the 2 lovely ladies statues from the game, hence the name-modern but a homey hangout!!    Two bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms.  A very open concept and a huge entertainment basement area!!  Landscaped with a large pool for the residents to enjoy.  Also includes an apartment for the NPC's so your simmies can have some neighbors to entertain!!   Many extras-Enjoy!!  Download button below the pictures and list of custom content too!
The Grey Ladies was built in Bridgeport at 99 Embarcadero Dr. on a
40 x 40 lot.  It is 34.86 MB
I used elevators in this apartment so you will need Late night expansion
for them to show up in your game.
Custom content included:
Flovv's Lucy kitchen here:  click
Flovv's Ruby living room here:  click 
Awesims  nook set-loveseat, 3 seat bench and side table here:  click 
Lulu265's rugs and deco here:  click
Lulu265's whitewood home office
 cabinet here:  click
Marcusims91's industrial stairs used for the fire escape here:  click
Thanks so much to the above named  artists for the fantastic custom content!!
And a big thank you to Flovv and Lulu265-I'm so lucky and feel
honored to be friends with them!!
You guys are the best!!

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