Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cliff Hanger house for Sims 3 by squarepeg56

Do your simmies enjoy an ocean view?   This house will be a perfect home for them!!  Built in Starlight Shores this home has three bedrooms and two baths.  Living room, dining room,laundry room and galley kitchen.  Cool yard with pool and decks to fish off of.  Built on stilt platform so I believe you need Island Paradise for it to work!!  Two versions one for the lot shown in the picture in Starlight shores and the other version works on beach lots!!  Have fun playing it!!

Cliff Hanger house with stairs for Starlight Shores neighborhood
(see picture for placement)

Cliff Hanger house no stairs place on beach lots

Built in Starlight Shores, on a 50 x 25 lot .  17.1 MB
I tested it in Starlight Shores, Sunset Valley and
 Isla Paradiso worlds
and it could be place on beach lots.
I own all the expansions and used items from some of them.
If you don't have those expansions the 
game will substitute different items.

The Sims 3 store items used-need to install them 
for them to show up in the house:

Ultra Living Lounge set here:  click  
BahHaus window group here: click 
BahHaus window to the soul here:  click  
BahHaus Double door here:  click  
Dolly door here:  click  

Custom content include with house:

Lulu265's Modern Look bedroom here:  click 
Lulu265's Romulea Living rug here:  click
Fresh Prince's 1988  Jeep here:  click  

Thanks to my friend Lulu265 and Fresh Prince for
such great cc-you guys rock!! 

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