Thursday, 30 October 2014

MartoeleMeadows World

With the new Sims saga (Sims4), I lost a little bit of my enthousiasme for my world but I wouldn’t like to just throw it away. I decided to offer is here for download. Perhaps some of you could play a little with it and make a list indicating what should be changed.
The world is called ‘MartoeleMeadows’.

 There are 35 lots. Some of them built by Fredbrenny (TSR), some others by TimeaKiss (TSR) and builders from some members of Sims-Extremos, like Salay, Roxsims and Marle Fuentes. Each lot has got that information as well in the world. The ones where I only indicate the characterics of the lots were built by myself. You will find many small lots in this world and they are prepared in ‘blocks’ around a community park. Many of those blocks show cozy corners.

 The are some mysterious looking places in MartoeleMeadows. They have not been worked yet. It depends on how this world is accepted. If the beta testers think it’s good enough… then I would consider to use those mysterious spots for a hidden tomb.

Read more, see more pictures and download at:

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