Sunday, 22 March 2015

Into My Future

A new house zooms into your future!!   Made with content from expansion Into the Future it will look cool in any neighborhood!!   Set on a 40 x 40 lot  with large swimming area surrounding the house!!  Inside it offers many features.  Lovely living room, study, eat in kitchen, outdoor dining room,  three bedrooms and four baths!!  Two car garage and a  small basement.  Your simmies will get a positive moodlet from this home!!   Enjoy!!

Into My Future was built in Starlight Shore
on a 40 x 40 lot- 8.7 MB
Furnished:  $292,906  Unfurnished $144,822
I own all the expansions and a lot
of items are from the Into the future expansion-if 
you don't own it the game will replace items 
with what you own!
Custom content included:
Flovv's pastel kitchen here:  click  
MB-Matomibotaki's @ TSR:  Concrete stone mini
fence, modern door, fake construction ultima 2
style window 3 and fancy widow 2 .
Find these under build on her minisite here:  click
Felicity's modern living 01 here:  click  

Thanks so much to Flovv, Matomibotaki and Felicity for
the wonderful cc-you guys rock!!!

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