Friday, 6 March 2015

Sweet Serenity for sims 3 by squarepeg56

Lovely home on a 40 x 40 lot for a larger family.  Your simmies will love it.  Built in the custom world Twilight La Forks, WA by GLachaille at MTS, it was built for Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater Swan!   I found this lovely world and started playing it and needed a house that reflected Charlie and Sue personalities.  Four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms.  It has a rustic charm with custom pictures throughout.  Has formal living room, dining room, eat in kitchen, full basement, deck with a pool-lots of extras!!   Two versions are below-one has store content which you need to download at the sims 3 store for it to show in the house.  The other one is more base game with some expansions-like the laundry room.  I do own all the expansions and tend to use stuff from them occasionally.  Hope you enjoy the house!!


House with no sims 3 store stuff: 
House with sims 3 store items-you must own them  and
install in your game for them to show in the house:
Sweet Serenity house was built in Twilight world
and tested in Sunset Valley.
Both houses are around 8.5 MB.
Download Port La Forks, WA the Twilight world here:  Click
Custom content included for both houses:
Metisqueen2's traditional dining room-find it here:  Click 
I have included a bunch of paintings that I made.
Store sets in the house you must own and put them
in your game for them to show up :
Waning Moon-objects no clothes  here:  Click
Frontier Finds here:  Click 
the Sims classic welcome back to 3  lakes here:  Click 
Loads of Laundry here:  Click 
Buzzer Beater Free throw game here:  Click
Check this home hokey table here:  Click 
Score television here:  Click
You do not need the store stuff for the house to show-if
you don't have them the game will generate different items.
A big thank you to Metisqueen2 for her wonderful set with
so many Native American patterns and items-you rock!!

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