Sunday, 10 November 2013

Harry Potter has come to Sims and Just Stuff!!

Harry Potter -Our first download for you by prettysimsmaker!!

Harry Potter is a character from the series of books by J.K. Rowling!!  He is one of my fav characters so I thought I'd make him and a bunch of his fellow Hogwarts folk for you to enjoy!!  Keep watching for more great download on this blog!! 

Harry is shown with several items not included with him please see link to download them!

Harry's  skin by Teru K at MTS here: Click     Everyday robe by super_niin at TSR here:  Click
Harry's round glasses by Celithralia   at TSR here: Click       Formal outfit at The Sims 3 store here:   Click  
Harry's clothes are from Athletic shirt Diesl stuff pack, Outerwear WA, Everyday clothes he is  packaged with from Supernatural and Formal is from Fast Lane.  If you don't own these expansions your game will generate different clothes for him. His other clothes are base game.   Hope you have fun-come back for more Hogwarts folk and other great stuff!!

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  1. Can't help but grin, he looks just like him. Love the background too!