Monday, 11 November 2013

Ginny Weasley-Harry's true love and now yours to download by prettysims maker!!

Ginny Weasley is next in line of my Hogwarts series for you to have in your game!!
 Ginny, the beautiful redheaded girl, part of the large Weasley family and Harry's true love.  She is a true Gryffindor-a brave and loyal friend.  Hope you have fun playing her and Harry!!   More Hogwarts characters to come!!

Ginny is packaged with game hair and skin.  To make her look like Ginny in my pictures add the extras in the link below.  There will be 2 versions of Ginny-one with game clothes and one with her formal outfit from the EA store.  You need to own the dress and put it in the game for her to have that dress.  Links are:

Ginny with just game outfits here:

Ginny Weasley  with EA store dress  here:
 Ginny is shown with  free Alesso Kim hair @ TSR download it here:  * Click*
Ginny is shown with Teru K natural plus Eskin @ MTS here:  *Click* 
Ginny's formal dress @ thesims3 store here:  *Click* 
Ginny's outfits she is packaged with  are:  Everyday  outfit from Univ. Life, Formal from Generations, Athletic is from Univ. Life and Outerwear is from Season.  Rest is base game.  If you don't own the expansion the game will generate a different outfit for her!!

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