Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ron Weasley-Harry's Best Friend-by prettysimsmaker!!

Another Weasley for you-Ron to add to your game!!  Ron the sidekick & loyal friend is someone you will want to add to your game!!  I will keep adding more Hogwarts people-and soon  I  will be adding  a home for them- Hogwarts  is done and will be on the way soon-I call it mini Hogwarts but still a great place for your simmies to live!!  Hope you have fun !! 

Ron is made in two versions a mostly base game Ron- his hair is from outdoor living pack so if you don't have that pack the computer will substitute one you do have!!   The other Ron has some links of things you need to get if you want him to look like my pictures!! 

Ron Weasley  (base game)


 Ron Weasley add store clothes and cc to looks like my pictures             

Ron is pictured with Teru K natural plus skin here;  *Click*

Everyday Hogwart robe by super_niin at TSR here:  *Click*

Formal outfit-Count M at the sims 3 store here:  *Click*



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