Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thunder-Park Sang-hyun by prettysimsmaker!

Park Sang-hyun better know by his stage name of Thunder or Cheondung is a singer who is member of South Korean idol group, MBLAQ and the younger brother of the 2NEL1's vocalist, Sandara Park  His genre is  k-pop, r & b and dance pop. 

Thunder is made with 2 options for downloading, base game or with clothes from the sims 3 store which aren't include but if you put them in your game they will show up with him.  See the links for items  not included.  He is shown with Newseas's Chuck hair and S Club Asian non-default skin-both are not included-see links below for them.

Thunder (base game)     

Thunder with the sims 3 store clothes-must have them in your game for them to show: 

Newsea's Chuck donation hair here:  *Click*
S club Asian default skin here:  * Click*
Everyday grimmy jacket at the Sims 3 store here:  * Click*
Formal Stunningly Shingled jacket @ the  Sims 3 store here:  * Click*

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