Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Library-Finch's secret headquarters from Person of Interest by squarepeg56

Now you can download the secret headquarters of Finch and Reese in Person of Interest-a CBS tv show about an eccentric billionaire-Finch and ex CIA operative Reese who have access to a government computer-they call the Machine.  The Machine tells who will be a possible victim of a crime and it's up to the guys to determine if the person of interest is the victim or perpetrator and try to save them!!  The Library is 3 stories building with a full basement.  It is an abandoned NYC library that Finch bought and now has his office there.  My library has a living quarters for them too-unlike the show.  It has four bedrooms, 3 full baths,  office/headquarters, kitchen, dining area, tv area, pool/rec room in the basement and a two car garage.  Many extras!  Hope you have fun playing it!!


The Library was built in Bridgeport on a 42 x 42  lot at 1157 Memorial Parkway.  I also placed it on a 50 x 50 lot with no problems. 
Cost-Furnished:  429,318, Unfurnished:  164,151
total download MB is 18.6
I own all the expansions so if you don't have the expansion I used stuff from, the game will
substitute items for the ones I used.  I add elevators to the building-I believe you need LN for those! 
Custom content included Parker home office by Lulu265 here:  *Click*
and book clutter and computer screens from ATS3 here:  *Click* 
Thanks so much to these artists for the wonderful cc!!
My sims Harold Finch is here:  *Click* 
I will be adding more of the characters soon!!


  1. Yup-we take request-you can email me at or leave a note in the chat box

  2. Which of Lulu's stuff did you use? While it's all nice stuff she has if I installed everything my game would blow up. :D

  3. I used Lulu's Parker home office-maybe 3 or 4 things from it. The total MB is 18.6 : )