Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hermione Granger, beautiful, talented witch, Harry Potter's loyal friend-by prettysimsmaker!!

Hermione Granger  is a talented, brilliant witch from the books  about Harry Potter, a series by J.K. Rowling.  Her parents are Muggles but she is the cleverist witch of her age!!  She is a must to add to your Harry Potter gang!!  Hermione is shown with Newsea's Shaine and Lamb hairs and Teru K natural plus light skin-these are not included.  See below to download her and for links to her custom contents. 

Hermione Granger:
To make Hermione look like my pictures you need to download : 
Newsea's donation hair Shaine here:  *Click*
Newsea's free hair Lamb here:  *Click*
Teru K natural plus light Eskin here;  *Click*
formal dress Flowing Flock at the sims 3 store here;  *Click*
Hermione's clothes are from University life-everyday jacket, sleep top, athletic & jacket.
outerwear clothes are from WA and Diesel stuff pack.   If you don't have these expansions the game will generate different outfits!!  My game is patch to 

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