Thursday, 11 June 2015

Just Desserts paintings for Sims 3 by Abigail

Set of 4 pictures perfect for your kitchen or maybe your bakery?   Yum!!   Enjoy!!
Download button below the pictures!!  : )

Kitchen shown but not included-Pastel kitchen by Flovv at 
TSR.  Find it here:  click

Thanks to Flovv for allowing me to
use her kitchen in my picture!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Time Mother-Daughter Denim Dresses for Sims 4 by Lola

Summer time is here and your simmies need that new summer wardrobe!!  Adorable Denim dresses to match each other!  Your simmes will love them!  Four color variations.  Enjoy!!!

Mother's dress:

Daughter's dress:  

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Cambridge House for Sims 3 by squarepeg56

A lovely home for your simmies!!  Based on a house built in the 1700 in Cambridge Massachusetts.  This home has been updated just for you!!  Set on a 40 x 40 lot in Twinbrook.  Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms.  Formal living and dining rooms with fireplaces!!  Large eat-in kitchen, study, family room and large basement with laundry room.  Nicely landscaped yard with garden spot!  Lots of extras.  Download below pictures and see list of cc to add to make it look like my pictures!!

Cambridge house was built in Twinbrooks
at 47 Earl Bridge Rd.
17.8 MB
I own all the expansions and may
use items from them.
Store items show in house but not included:

Regal living room-sofa, loveseat, globe
and fireplace here:  click 
Advantageous Washstand here:  click 
Estate fence here;  click  
Dolly door here:  click 
rt story tale stairs here:  click

If you don't add these items the game 
will substitute items except for
the staircase.  You will have to add one!!

Custom content included:

Lulu 265's Vintage bedroom here:  click 

Thanks so much to my friend Lulu265 for allowing me
to use her lovely cc!!  Find more of 
her wonderful custom content here:  click  

Custom paintings from the 1700's by me  :  )