Sunday, 9 February 2014

Halliwell Manor from Charmed by squarepeg56

Here is my version of the house from Charmed!!  Four bedrooms, one and half baths.  Formal parlor, sitting area, dining area, conservatory, large country kitchen, laundry room and attic where you can put your Book of Shadows!!   I used a lot of stuff from supernatural so if you don't have that expansion items will be replaced by what you own.  Also some store items.  Please see below the pictures to download and links to items!!  Hope you have fun playing it!!

Built in Starlight shores at 108 Foothill Dr. on a 30 x 30 lot.
Furnished $337, 312, unfurnished $86,554.
Country kitchen set by Lulu265 here:  *Click*
Grandma's pantry the Sims 3 store here:  *Click*
DT456's Milo Hob kitchen range top here:  *Click*
                Lulu265's classic curtains here:  *Click*
Windows for the manor by Magicdawn  here:  *Click*
stain glass for the windows by Magicdawn here:  *Click*
    Halliwell front door by Magicdawn here:  *Click*
            Fresh Prince's 2010 Mini cooper here:  *Click*
Fresh Prince's 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee here:  *Click*
Fresh Prince's 2003 Volkswagon new beetle here:  *Click*
My Book of shadows-Lady Ravendancer's book of spells 
                           is from the Sims 3 store here:  *Click*
House based on plans by Notsalony at DeviantArt here:  *Click*
Some custom pictures included by me!
Hope you have fun playing it!!
                            Piper Halliwell by me here :  *Click*
                       Phoebe Halliwell by me here:  *Click*
Thanks so much to the awesome artists who make such great cc for this house!!