Sunday 29 December 2013

Felicity Modern Living 01

A new modern living room for your sims! Test them how they will like it!
Tip for furnishing: press alt while putting down an item, for example a pillow, and you can rotate-move it withouth boundaries! Collection file included!

I used Murano's Screenshot Backdrop and Mirror Floors from The Sims Resource for the previews! *link*  and *link*

Friday 27 December 2013

Arwen Undomiel from Lord of the Rings by prettysimsmaker

Arwen  is a fictional character in the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings usually published in three volumes. Arwen is one of the half-elvens who lived during the Third Age. (Wikipedia)  She is portrayed by Liv Tyler in the movie trilogy.  Arwen is shown with Newsea's monochrome hair and Teru K natural plus eskin.  Download her and links for custom content for her below! 


                                            Download Arwen here: 

To make her look like my pictures please add this cc:
Newsea's monochrome hair-no pin here:  *Click*
Newsea's free Iron wire headband here:  *Click*
Teru K free natural plus light eskin here;   *Click*
            Cherryberry's clear lipgloss here:  *Click*
                        Cherryberry's  eyes here:  *Click*
Everyday dress Happily ever after ball gown here:  *Click*
Formal dress Frolic away dress here:  *Click*
Sleep outfit fantasy one strap dress here;  *Click*
athletic-pets, swim-base, outerwear SN
Thanks to cherryberry for letting me use  her great makeup and contacts!!
Thanks to Murano at TSR for the screenshot backdrop that I use!   Download it here:  *Click*
Thanks to Cmomoney @ MTS for the wonderful pose player that I use with all my simmies!!
                                                    Download it here:  *Click*
Thanks so much  to all these people for poses:   JuBA_Oo, Seemyu, Morphead, Etenila, Maximumsims & Traelia all at MTS, R2M, Elexis at Ace creations, Tum Tum Simiolino, IMHO,  Peppersims3, BlakC's pose place, Inna_Lisa at Sims 3 models
 I will be adding 2 more characters from LOTRs  Aragorn and Legolas in the near future!!

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas Patterns by Abigail

4 Sets of Christmas patterns made for you by Abigail. Patterns made with the CAP tool and not CAStable

Monday 23 December 2013

Miss December- by prettysimsmaker with exclusive Sagittarius tattoo by Lola!!

Miss December is the last in the line of calendar girls that I have made throughout the year at TSR.  She is dressed in the holiday spirit and is a Sagittarius.  Sagittarius' are the clown of the zodiac.  They are very lucky and optimistc.  They don't give up and are full of enthusiasm. They are very honest-maybe too much so sometimes.  They are animal lovers.  Very intelligent always seeking knowledge!! Hope you have fun playing her!!   She is shown with Newsea's free hair Neko and Teru K  natural plus skin which are not include with her.

Download Miss December here:
A huge thank you to Lola F for making the beautiful Sagittarius tattoo that is included with her-you totally rock!!! ; )
To make her look like my pictures please download the following custom content:
Newsea's Neko free hair here:  *Click*
Teru K natural plus light skin here:  *Click*
Santa hat by David sims here:  *Click*
The sims 3 store dress caroller sweater and skirt here:  *Click*
The sims3 store athletic outfit long scarf is long here:  *Click*
Pizazz's Little red dress here;  *Click*
Cherryberry's  clear lipgloss here:  *Click*
Cherryberry's sparkle eyes here:  *Click*
Lorandia sims 3 Miss Santa Lingerie here:  *Click*
Lorandia Sims 3 colored peep toe pumps here:  *Click*
Thanks to all the above named artists for the great cc!!
Miss December's Swim suit is from the expansion Paradise Isle and her outerwear is from town life stuff pack-if you don't own these packs the game will generate a different out fit!
Thanks to Cmomoney @ MTS for the wonderful pose player that I use with all my simmies!!
                                                    Download it here:  *Click*
Thanks so much  to all these people for poses:   JuBA_Oo, Seemyu, Morphead, Etenila, Maximumsims & Traelia all at MTS, R2M, Elexis at Ace creations, Tum Tum Simiolino, IMHO,  Peppersims3, BlakC's pose place, Inna_Lisa at Sims 3 models

Saturday 21 December 2013

Jameson Nursery

Looking for an animal themed Nursery, Then this African Safari style is the perfect choice. Detailed posters are not only more educational but won’t date as quickly as a cutesy cartoon mural as your child grows and matures.

The Nursery is Fully CAStable. Collection File is included. Please do not clone or upload as your own. May be used in houses uploaded. Credits to the Artists whose extra's I used in the screenshot.

Allure by: Pizazz
Young Adult to Adult
Can be worn - Everyday / Formal / Career
Launcher thumbnail / Cas-bin Images
3 Presets and 3 Channels

Friday 20 December 2013

Slumber by: Pizazz
Sims Sleepwear
Also set for maternity

Santa's House by prettysimsmaker!

Well, I made Santa and Mrs. Claus so I had to build them a house-just the way I am-lol !!  Here is a beautiful farmhouse with a barn just for them!!  It has a Christmas motif throughout. 

On a 40 x 40 size lot it has three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.  Formal living and dining rooms.  Eat-in kitchen, tv room, and a study.  Full basement with Santa's workshop located there!!  The barn is perfect for the reindeer-oops I mean horses or whatever you choose!!   Large lot with a garden spot and a small pond.  Also included some  Christmas artwork by me!!  I used antique postcards for several of them!!  Hope you have fun playing it and have a wonderful holiday season!!

Download Santa's house here:

Custom content to add to make the house look like mine:

The sims 3 store items: 
 Archibald door here:  *Click*
       Johan door here:  *Click*
Victorian double window here:  *Click*
Window of all knowing here;  *Click*
More holiday presents:  *Click*
Lola's Christmas Time Kitchen here:  *Click*
Santa's awesome sleigh with reindeer by Hexameter @ MTS here:  *Click*
pictured Miss Santa's lingerie @ Lorandia Sims 3 here:  *Click*
Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus by prettysimsmaker here:  *Click*

I have all the expansions and I try to use mostly base game items but some others things sneak in.  If you don't have the expansion the item is from  the game will substitute  a different item for the one you don't have!!

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Ocean View Manor by prettysimsmaker

A beautiful stately brick manor  with an ocean view just for your simmies!!  Set on a 40 x 40 lot. 

Ocean view has a lot to offer!!  Four bedrooms, three bathrooms.  Formal living, and dining room.  Eat-in kitchen opens to the family room!!   Beautiful indoor outdoor living with a  large yard featuring a  lovely courtyard.   Pool and hot tub to enjoy!!     Built on Isla Paradise on Paradise Rd.   Furnished:  $251,451, unfurnished :  $96,596.  Original artwork included with the house!!  Many extras!  Enjoy!!

Download here:
Custom content shown in  Ocean View:
Lola's Amanda bedroom here:  *Click*
I own all the expansions.  If there is content from an expansion you don't own the
game will generate different objects to replace the ones that were used.

Enchanted Evening Gown- by Pizazz