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Our policy!
All our files are Sims3Packs and are packed with your houses and Sims, also the any recolor’s that you create with our patterns.

1) Sims/OBJECTS/Houses...and created recolors

Please do NOT offer our sims/objects/houses.. and created recolor’s for downloading on your website/blog or any download server and claim as your own. Please read number 4 below under "Other" regarding the downloads if you want to show our creations.


You can use our pattern/textures in your houses or sims for downloading, please with credit/name and link back to our blog.
You are NOT allowed to convert our meshes for Sims2 or 3 or use any parts of them to create your own meshes.
You can recolor all our meshes/objects, but please add the link/credit of the creator and the link back to our blog.
You can put our meshes/objects that you recolored, on your website/blog or any forum, but only for FREE, please add the link/credit of the creator and the link back to our blog. 
You can put all our creations in your houses for downloading, but only for FREE.
Please always add the name/credit of the creator and the link back to our blog, thank you.


All the meshes offered under the meshes Tab may be used in any manner you wish, they are UV mapped and sims ready, but no textures are included. Credit would be nice but not necessary


If you have a blog/website where you show/update sims creations, you are allowed to show them in your blog/website, but do NOT add your own link for downloading, please add the creation's link, you can simply click: " Our artists" under the big banner on top of the blog, then click on the creator's banner and you will find the creation that you want to show, each creation has it's own link but please do not add the direct download link that is under the previews or messages
You may NOT modify/alter/change our creations then claim as your own.
It takes time to create them so thanks for respecting it.
Our stuff are FREE, so our creations  should never be released on a pay site, only in free blogs/websites, thanks. 
You can use our creations for stories/videos, credit/link is appreciated but not necessary, thanks.

Please NO hotlinking.
Hotlinking is a direct link to a file on an other ones web/blog space and causes costs because of traffic.

For further questions or not sure about the policy above, feel free to contact us at: lolameshes@gmail.com

If you don't understand English well, we can also respond/write to you in: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian and Latvian.

Thanks for having read our policy.

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