Friday, 27 December 2013

Arwen Undomiel from Lord of the Rings by prettysimsmaker

Arwen  is a fictional character in the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings usually published in three volumes. Arwen is one of the half-elvens who lived during the Third Age. (Wikipedia)  She is portrayed by Liv Tyler in the movie trilogy.  Arwen is shown with Newsea's monochrome hair and Teru K natural plus eskin.  Download her and links for custom content for her below! 


                                            Download Arwen here: 

To make her look like my pictures please add this cc:
Newsea's monochrome hair-no pin here:  *Click*
Newsea's free Iron wire headband here:  *Click*
Teru K free natural plus light eskin here;   *Click*
            Cherryberry's clear lipgloss here:  *Click*
                        Cherryberry's  eyes here:  *Click*
Everyday dress Happily ever after ball gown here:  *Click*
Formal dress Frolic away dress here:  *Click*
Sleep outfit fantasy one strap dress here;  *Click*
athletic-pets, swim-base, outerwear SN
Thanks to cherryberry for letting me use  her great makeup and contacts!!
Thanks to Murano at TSR for the screenshot backdrop that I use!   Download it here:  *Click*
Thanks to Cmomoney @ MTS for the wonderful pose player that I use with all my simmies!!
                                                    Download it here:  *Click*
Thanks so much  to all these people for poses:   JuBA_Oo, Seemyu, Morphead, Etenila, Maximumsims & Traelia all at MTS, R2M, Elexis at Ace creations, Tum Tum Simiolino, IMHO,  Peppersims3, BlakC's pose place, Inna_Lisa at Sims 3 models
 I will be adding 2 more characters from LOTRs  Aragorn and Legolas in the near future!!


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  2. Beautiful! looks just like her. Amazing as always!

  3. She is so much similar, wow!