Wednesday 26 February 2014

Josh Hutcherson by squarepeg56

Josh Hutcherson is an American film and television actor. He began his acting career in the early 2000s, appearing in several minor film and television roles.   In 2011, Hutcherson landed the leading role of Peeta Melark in the Hunger Game film series, based on an adaptation of Suzanne Collins novel series. (Wikipedia)  He is made for a request.  Download him below pictures and links to custom content also below.
Josh is shown with game skin and Lapiz scrapyard hair-which is not included.  He is packaged with game hair from High-end loft stuff. 
Outfits:  Everyday from University life, Formal base game, Sleep base game, Athletic University, Swim University and Outerwear from Seasons.  If you don't have these expansions your game will generate different outfits for him.
Josh's hair is  cupcake  by Lapiz Scrapyard here:  *Click*
                        Cherryberry's  sparkle eyes here:  *Click*
                  Cherryberry's classic eyebrows here:  *Click*
Josh's jacket in compare from the sims 3 store here:  *Click*
       Chin cleft slider by Tum Tum simiolino here:  *Click*
Thanks to Cherryberry, Lapiz and Tum Tum Simiolino for the great custom content!!
Thanks to Cmomoney @ MTS for the wonderful pose player that I use with all my simmies!!
                                                   Thanks so much  to all these people for poses:  Skylar at R & S Gemsims Dollhouse  JuBA_Oo, Seemyu, Morphead, Etenila, Maximumsims & Traelia all at MTS, R2M, Elexis at Ace creations, Tum Tum Simiolino, IMHO,  Peppersims3, BlakC's pose place, Inna_Lisa at Sims 3 models

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