Thursday, 6 November 2014

White Manor House for Sims 3 by squarepeg56

Here is a cute home for your simmies to enjoy!! Three bedrooms-pretty master suite, nursery and kids room.  Two and half baths.  With a formal living room, dining room, study, and a large eat in kitchen.  Two car garage with nicely landscaped yard with a pool and play area for your kids!!  Large basement with a washer and dryer-need Ambitions for them to show I believe.  Many extras-enjoy!!
Download below pictures and see list of custom content!
Built on a 30 x 30 lot tested in Sunset Valley.
4.02 MB
Furnished:  $160,138
Unfurnished:  $87,031
I tried to use mostly base game items but I do own
all the expansions so there are a few things that
are not base game.  The game will replace these items
with something similar if you don't have them!!
Custom content:
Pralinesims' fluffy rug3 and Cozy rug.
Find Pralinesims cc here:  click 
Missyzim's federal window and blind here:  click
Thanks to Pralinesims and Missyzim for the wonderful custom content!!
Thanks to painsi @ deviantArt for the great cloud brushes that I used in pictures! Download them here: click


  1. Wow! Fantastic manor! I have noticed that the sky in the picture is different from sunset valley sky! It is really realistic! What sky have you used? Sorry for my english

  2. Hi Jack-your English is great!! Glad you like my manor-I have fun building for the sims!! Sorry but the clouds you see aren't in a real game-they are brushes by Painsi at Deviate art. See above for link!! : )