Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shore Enuff-pretty beach home by squarepeg56

Summer time is here and our simmies need a pretty beach home to love!!   Shore Enuff is a lovely escape for the summer!!   Built on a 40 x 40 lot in Isla Paradiso at 77 Paradise road,  it has a cute beachy-pirate theme!!  Three bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, dining area, and small living room with Lola's lovely Costal Chic set which she made for my request-thanks dear friend!!  It has a walk out basement, screened in porch, large family room and a laundry room-lots of extras for skill building.  Shown with  Fresh Prince's cool BMW Z8 convertible-which is not included-see link below to his site to download it!!   Download Shore Enuff button is below pictures!!  Enjoy!!!
I tried to use mostly base items for this house-
there are a few exceptions-EA pirate bed
 is from Generation stuff pack. 
Custom content not included:
Fresh Prince's BMW Z8 here:  *Click* 
Lola's Attic Junk here:  *Click* 
Shore Enuff is 43.7 MB.  Price:  Furnished-134,407, unfurnished 62,088
Included cc:
Grant Park Screen windows and door by baufive @
B5 studios here:  *Click* 
Lulu265's Acacia bathroom set here:   *Click*
Lulu265's Nice but Nautical boy's room here:  *Click* 
Lola's Costal Chic living room here:  *Click* 
Martole's MT short shutters here:  *Click*
Thanks so much to my friends Lola, Lulu265 and Martole for the wonderful cc-
you guys are so talented!!!
Thanks so much to B5 studio for allowing people to use their great cc-just
what I was looking for!!! 

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