Sunday 29 March 2015

Star Tower-Apartment, Casino and Wedding Chapel for Sims 3 by squarepeg56

Here is a fun apartment for your superstar sims!!  I build it for Elvis and Priscilla Presley-LOL
  Three floor apartment with lots of cool space for your sims.  Two bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, study, small patio with a hot tub and pool.  Basement with pool and two parking spaces.  Lobby has a workout room with a spot for a massage table, and a little public cafe for all those starving simmies!!  Casino is next door with a stage and lots of entertainment for your sims.  Upstairs is a wedding chapel or use it for parties.  Hope you enjoy it!!  Download below pictures and see list of store items to add if you want it to look like my pictures!!

Star Tower was build in Bridgeport but is shown in  Lucky Palms
Find Lucky Palms here;  click 
Built on a 40 x 50 lot-see picture above.
8.6 MB 
Furnished price $205,878
                      Unfurnished price   $40,466  
I believe you need Late night expansion 
for the elevators and Showtime 
for concert venue
I own all the expansions and might
use stuff from some of them!
Custom content not included:

Sims store items:
             Viva Las Vegas living here:   click   
      Viva Las Vegas bedroom here:  click
               Infinite Zen massage table here: click        
           Lucky Simoleon Casino here:  click  
                        Hit the bookshelf here:  click    
Rock'n Stationary road dresser here:  click
        souped up napkin holder here:  click
                  rock'n relic picture here:  click

Custom content included:
Felicity's modern living  here:  click 

Thanks so much to my friend Felcity
for allowing me to use her wonderful
cc-you rock!!!
Priscilla Presley sims here:  click
Elvis is coming soon to the blog!!

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