Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Oasis Place, a futuristic home for Sims 3 by squarepeg56

Modern home with lots of stuff from the pack Into the Future!!  Built in Oasis Landing but it can be used in any world you choose.  Four bedrooms, two and half baths.  Open concept living/dining room and eat in kitchen.   Two large balconies  one with a garden spot and the other has a pool.  Back of house has a long balcony connecting the house for easy access.  Large family room with lots of room for the family to hang out.  Outdoor play area and BBQ area.  Two car garage and small basement.  Your simmies will love it!!  Download button below pictures.

Oasis Place was made in Oasis Landing with
mostly stuff from Into the Future Pack but
if you don't own this pack the game
will use items you own!
Oasis Place is 3.22 MB
40 x 40 lot.
Price-Furnished $337,023
Unfurished $162,911
I own all the expansions and might use stuff
from different expansions.
No custom content in this house
Clouds in my picture by Painsi at Deviant art here:  click 

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