Wednesday 2 July 2014

Glow in the Dark by Felicity

A set of wall lamps to give a lovely atmosphere to any room. Turn them off, and they will work like stickers! 

They are fully recolorable with 3 color channels like a rainbow.
I used a text creating website for my preview: glowtxt.
The sofa and pillow are from one of my previous sets, you can find it Felicity Modern Living 01.

Glow in the Dark 01 - Pattern
 Glow in the Dark 01 by Felicity

Glow in the Dark 02 - Tree
 Glow in the Dark 02 by Felicity

Glow in the Dark 03 - Little girl
 Glow in the Dark 03 by Felicity


  1. Thanks! But something inconsistent is up with the links -- why are there 2 03 links, and 2 adfly links?

  2. Bellissimi! Sono lampade gioco base compatibile?? :)

  3. We will fix it asap-thanks for letting us know!!

  4. Thank you very much for caching it! :) It should be working now! Sorry for the delay!