Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Lauren Jauregui for Sims 4 by squarepeg56

Lauren Jauregui is a singer and a member of  Fifth Harmony.   Lauren auditioned for the tv show the X  Factor and got 4 yeses and was allowed to go to boot camp.  She later was eliminated and was joined with four other girls to make Fifth Harmony.  For more info see here:  wikia  She is uploaded with base game clothes and make up and shown with custom content.  See below picture to download her and for links to the cc!!

Lauren is 74.3 KB

To make her look like my pictures please add:

Lauren's hair by Newseasims color of the wind here:  click 
Recolored by Nessasims here:  click  
Everyday and party dress Sleek Sophistication by Lola here:  click
Sleep-  Sleep time pajamas by Lola here:  click 
Swim- Sun Worshiper by Lola here:  click 
Thanks to Newsea and Nessasims for the great hair
and to Lola for the great outfits-you  guys rock!!!

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