Friday 7 February 2014

Felicity Contact Lenses 01

New, exciting contact lenses! Have a pleasant mixture of two colors in your eyes! If you go close enough, what can you recognize in them? Just not a clock?
For all ages, males and females.

I used on my model:
- Cazy's hairs from The Sims Resource: 
Northern Star Hairstyle *link*
Harper Hairstyle *link*
Under The Sun Hairstyle *link*

- ESkin Game by Ephemera: *link*
- My own lipstick: *link*
The custom poses I used are:
-  Victoria Secret Model Poses by Mimoto and Julsy at BlackBerryCake: *link*
- Girly Poses Set by May at Tokyo Cafe Laboratory: *link*
- Elegant Pose Pack by Traelia: *link*
- Oh, my shoes! by IMHO: *link*

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