Sunday, 16 March 2014

Charming Southern Colonial Home

Here is a lovely home that your simmies will want to live in!!  Three bedrooms and a nursery, formal living room, dining room, 2 1/2 baths, large country eat in kitchen, study, and a large family room.  Full basement with laundry room.  Two car garage, beautifully landscaped with pool and deck.  Nice playable layout!!  Enjoy!!
Built in Sunset Valley at 250 Redwood Pkwy on a 30 x 40 lot.
Price unfurnished:  $107,621
              furnished: $191,598
Custom content included:
Lulu265's  Designer living set here:  *Click*
Lulu265's Designer dining set here:  *Click*
                   Attic junk by Lola here:  *Click*
           Jameson nursery by Lola here:  *Click*
Thanks to my friends Lulu265 and Lola G for the great cc!!


  1. Cool house, my sims will enjoy living here :) thank you

  2. I think your house is lovely, charming, very cozy, looks good.