Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Circle S Ranch by squarepeg56

Circle S ranch is a lovely home for your simmies!!  Set on a large lot it has a pretty log ranch style home and a barn for your horses!   The home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  Large country eat in kitchen, dining room, study and living room.  Large deck with a pool built in.  Nice spot for your garden and a small pond!  So many extras.  Enjoy!

Circle S ranch was built on a 50 x 50 lot in Sunset Valley at 15 Summer Hill Ct.
House is 8.6 MB
Furnished -$171,409
Circle S has some items from the sims store
 which are not included
add them to your game before adding
the house to make them
show up in the house!
Humble harvest stands here:  click
Grandpa's grove tractor here:  click
Grandma's cooktop stove here:  click
Porridge prep wall shelf here:  click
Country carved tableware cabinet here:  click
Grandma's pantry here:  click
The Sims classics-Survival of the Fittest Fixture here:  click 
River rock fireplace here:  click
Fowl and Feather chicken coop here:  click 
If you don't have these items the game will substitute other items in their place!
I own all the expansions but I have tried to use a lot of base game items!!
To have the horse equipment you need Pet's expansion.
Included cc:
Porch columns- Craftman Chic trois by b5Studios here:  click
 Rag rug pattern by Pinecat here:  click 
paintings by me included with download

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