Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Harry Styles from One Direction by prettysimsmakers!!

Harry Styles is an English pop singer and actor, and a member of the boy band One Direction. He made his debut as a singer with his band White Eskimo, which performed locally in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. In 2010, Styles auditioned for the British television series The X Factor, a singing competition, as a solo artist. After being eliminated as a solo performer, Styles was brought back into the competition, along with four other contestants, to form the group that would later become known as One Direction ( Wikipedia).   He is made for a request!  Download him below the pictures!!
Harry is shown with Teru K natural plus Eskin , Nightcrawler's beanie hair and Newsea's Compass hair.  These are not included-see below for links:
Teru K natural plus Eskin here:  *Click*
Newsea's male compass hair here:  *Click*
Nightcrawler's beanie hair here:  *Click*
Custom content include with him here:
Altea127's  Magalia Uomo outerwear top here:  *Click*
CherryBerry's sparkle eyes here:  *Click*
Evie's dimples here:  *Click*
Lola's Harry Style's tattoos here:  *Click*
Lorandiasims3 ripped skinny jeans here:  *Click*
Harry's outfits:
Everyday-Lorandiasims3 jeans and the sims 3 store Suburban night top here;  *Click*
Formal the sims 3 store   Overachieving overcoat here;  *Click*
Sleep-master suites, athletic-Island paradise, swim base game, and outerwear Altea127's Magalia Uomo's top and jeans from Diesel.  If you don't have these expansions the game will generate different outfits for him!
Thanks to all the talented artists named above for the great custom content!!
Thanks to Cmomoney @ MTS for the wonderful pose player that I use with all my simmies!!
                                                   Thanks so much  to all these people for poses:  Skylar at R & S Gemsims Dollhouse  JuBA_Oo, Seemyu, Morphead, Etenila, Maximumsims & Traelia all at MTS, R2M, Elexis at Ace creations, Tum Tum Simiolino, IMHO,  Peppersims3, BlakC's pose place, Inna_Lisa at Sims 3 models
I hope you like him-he is a redo from my first Harry at TSR!!  Hope you have fun playing him-I also made his girl friend Kendall Jenner-download her here:  *Click*


  1. I don't know much about him, but comparing the photos they look really similar!

  2. Thats so cool!

  3. Love it!! can u do zayn malik and niall horan? them both are from the band, thank youu!!!

  4. Best Harry I found!! Love it, but i need a service pack, do you know which one?

  5. could you please make this available for sims 4?