Friday, 11 July 2014

Sims 4 CAS demo First thoughts

Each site is doing theyr Sims 4 CAS demo reviews, so I only want to share some of my thoughts:
The sims look very cartoonish, what I don't mind at all, but I know, many people out there do. But no reason to be sad about it, the custom content creators exist to fix this tiny issue! Hopefully the pros will find the way how to make CC soon!

And until we find a way for making our sims realistic, we can enjoy, that EA made the game pretty much Disney-compatible!

As an example: Anna and Elsa from Fozen found on the Gallery!

In comments please share if you recieved the demo, and how much you like the reviews or the demo itself so far! :)

Happy simming everyone!


  1. Love the demo .. just wish they had more

  2. Anna looks super cute! Are they uploaded to the gallery? Would love to have them in my world. :)